EA Wales is a new approach to selling or renting your property from £0 – £9.99 to become a Top Listing, you can add as many properties to your portfolio as you want as you will become your very own Estate Agent, we will be at hand to guide you through every aspect from start to finish such as how to dress your property for the pictures to writing your own description of your property.

We will provide you with a downloadable pack with all the do’s and don’ts so you are guided through the process with ease from start to finish.

The information in the pack will include:

  • The process from start to finish
  • Photography tips
  • Writing tips
  • How to evaluate your property
  • Marketing support
  • Legal requirements
  • Negotiation skills
  • How to conduct a viewing
  • Safety information
  • Measuring the rooms and describing them
  • Presentation skills
  • Etiquette

The whole process of selling or renting a property is quite hands on but it will save you a great deal of money in the long run and additionally you will be in control of the whole process which will save time also as there is no middle man who is dealing with many properties at any one time, as they say time is money and quite an amount in this specific process.

The main marketing strategy we will be using is of a social media nature including Facebook and Twitter which have a combined number of users in the UK of 43.1 Million, It will rely not only on us as a free Estate Agent site but will also require you to share your property amongst your network. No doubt you will have many good friends in your social networks whom can also share your property for you, we will generate the links that they can use to help you market your property also, the more you share the faster the prospect or renting or selling your property will be.

As an accompaniment to the website we will be launching an Apple iOS App as a free service which will be available for download by prospective tenants or buyers where they will be able to search your listings and get in touch with you on the go..

Once your property is listed with us there are no time constraints or monthly fees at all, leave it with us until you have rented or sold it, once you have chosen your package of Free, Featured Property or Top Listing for your area of the country then just sit back and wait for communication with the potential tenant or buyer of your property.

If you require any professional service to aide you with listing your property then we can supply you with contacts  from Photographers to the people who create essential Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) reports and floor plans which you may need before completion if you do not already have one.

To conclude the introduction of EA Wales we would say you have absolutely nothing to lose but infact a lot to gain when you take into account a traditional estate agent will take anywhere between 1 – 3.5% + VAT of the price of your agreed sales price, if you are renting then many agencies charge an initial price or a percentage of the monthly cost of the rental of your property, with this in mind you could save yourself a substantial amount of capital which could be spent on your new home if you are a seller or treat yourself to a nice holiday or buy a new car, the options are endless to what you do with your savings.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by listing your home with EA WALES as it is will cost from £0, the only thing you will have to do is invest a few hours preparing your writeup, taking photos, sharing, taking a few calls and conducting viewings, if this time even takes you 20 hours then based on the higher end of 3.5% of the selling price of your property with the UK average being £213,927v you could be working for a staggering £449.59p per hour.

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